As Commercial Industrial Painters We are specialists in industrial painting and maintenance for commercial and industrial industries. We offer services in painting, sandblasting, cleaning, building maintenance, parking structures,
and girders at any height and coating, Epoxy Floors
Industrial boiler pipes , machines,

Storage tanks, Pipelines,- Water Treatment Facilities
- Bridges, Walkways, Handrails,- Concrete Block, Brick
- Equipment, Factory Painting,- Floor Coatings,- Sandblasting
- Power Washing,- Lead Abatement, Containment
- Industrial Coatings,- Epoxy Coatings

Balancing tanks - Clarifier tanks  -Effluent storage tanks - Sequencing Batch Reactor tanks  -
Holding tanks - Aerobic digestion tanks
Raw waste storage tanks - Steal Structures, Highs rise beams Aeration tanks -
Anaerobic digestion tanks - Sludge storage tanks

Industrial Plants & Logo

Use High lifts  or propel down with ropes and harnesses


Industrial Treatment  tanks is one of the most demanding applications for any

type of tank.  Ranges of acids and bases are often extreme, and even more often unknown. 

For this reason, our glass and ultra-high grade epoxies are ideal.  These coatings are, by

definition, only available on pre-engineered sectional steel storage tanks, and CST Industries

offers the highest grade glasses and epoxies on the global market today.  If you want

your tanks to last you will demand the quality of painting offered
by Great Western Painting.  Applications include:

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